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There are time for some changes in my life also in my Sl (blogging) life. So i decided to make a new  blog with some changes to get more time to blog. As you saw i was not blogging as much as i did before so i hope you like it and will be still a reader of my blog 🙂

Much Love, Jas

New link:

Styling Sl

3 Antworten

  1. Jeanette Reinoir

    hi Jas! 🙂

    first at all, I want wish you good luck with your new blog. I know sometimes changes are needed to refresh 🙂

    And beside this, I would like to make a question and it is… what is happening about tumblr blogs? I see many bloggers are moving their blogs there, and I’m wondering. To be true, I love wordpress blogs ‚cause they are so useful for me, as I did suscribe to all the blogs that I like to follow and I get all the new posts in my mail, so I can preview there and then comment or fav the ones I want without use other pages. It’s little more difficult with the feeds, ‚cause many days I don’t have the time to check them.

    But now really wondering. Does Tumblr have something specially good that is moving many blogs there? Would be good to know.

    Thanks & ❤

    8. März 2011 um 15:10

    • Jas Core

      Hi Jean,
      thank you sooo mcuh for your wishes 🙂 i´m very happy to hear that!!! I moved to tumblr, because i have more themes i can choose from, there are really wonderful themes and it was soooo hard for me to choose one 😀 Also i thik there are some really cool options but it depends on the theme you have for your blog. It should be able to subscribe as we know it from wordpress, maybe some blogs „forgot“ to put the rss out 😀 Also i can change the themes like i want via css no need to have a premium account for that 🙂 at the end its a personal thing i think, i can´t say one of it is better than the other..wordpress is still one of the best blogging platforms i think and it will always be 🙂 Just check tumblr out and see what you like more!

      Hugs, Jas

      8. März 2011 um 15:25

  2. jeanette reinoir

    I tested tumblr and other 3 before I decided for wordpress, is more likely to my preferences, but you are right, tumblr has more options with themes.

    I’ll try to follow you there too, hun.


    9. März 2011 um 10:08

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