CandyDoll @ Lazy Sunday

Tomorrow you get one of the mst beutiful skins that CandyDoll ever offered! Thats my own opinion, but i am sure you think the same way 😉 I just love it! Thank you rebeca for giving us always your great creations!!! <3<3<3  Each tone is 50 linden only!

Now come closer….shhhh i tell you a secret! The creator and owner of  CandyDoll, Rebeca Dembo has RL birthday tomorrow Oktober 17th! Let us show her our love and give her maaany congratulations ;))



6 Antworten

  1. rebeca dembo

    i swear i love u ❤
    thank you soooo much!!!!!

    btw, i love the second picturee

    17. Oktober 2010 um 01:34

    • Jas Core

      i love you toooooooo 😉

      26. Oktober 2010 um 13:20

  2. Oh thats truely pretty look – especially the brither tone – imo. I hope i am not to late and that i dont forget to check it out on my next log-in. ❤

    17. Oktober 2010 um 08:37

    • Jas Core

      tysm 🙂 i love your blog its awesome…put you on my blogroll 😉 <3<3<3

      26. Oktober 2010 um 13:20

  3. Samsara

    Hi, nice pictures. Where is the hair from ?

    22. Oktober 2010 um 19:42

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